The Gift

This morning I received the most unexpected gift.

I had just been scrolling through endless posts on Facebook, jumping from page to page, clicking on link to link, reading the innermost thoughts and opinions of my friends/friends of friends/friends of friends of friends, and contemplating articles about life’s many happinesses and tragedies. While trying to make sense of it all, I was beginning to grow a little overwhelmed…

“Did that man really swim with crocodiles…more than once?”

“Oh…so that’s what an all natural water birth in the rainforest looks like…”


Just as I was getting sucked deeper and deeper into the infamous Facebook vacuum that causes one to lose all sense of time and place, I got an email from a good friend that snapped me out of my daze.

My friend told me she was gifting me with a ticket to an event that we both really wanted to go to, but that I wasn’t sure I could afford at the moment. She told me that she understood my current financial situation, but that she couldn’t imagine me missing out on such a cool experience. She had recently gotten some extra money and decided she would use it to buy this awesome gift we could both enjoy together. My heart swelled. I had put all thoughts of attending this event on the backburner until I could save enough money to go, never once imagining it would ever be gifted to me, let alone by this friend of mine who had her own set of worries to manage.

I am so deeply moved by my lovely friend’s thoughtfulness, amazed by the extent of her generosity, and grateful for her kindness and deep unconditional friendship. Seeing how much she cares about me, my friendship, and my happiness has inspired me to be a better me today – to give more, to love more, to be more – in the hopes that sharing my gifts with the world may inspire someone else to do the same.


LovelyWe Community Blog Repost: Why it’s Okay to Cry

So true to remember.

For many people apologising for their negative emotions is an instinctive response. We are told from a young age that we shouldn’t cry or express anger and that is an incredibly damaging concept! If we can’t express our sadness or our anger then these emotions remain inside of us, causing us unnecessary harm. We are told, as children, that crying is a sign of weakness and that we need to “suck it up” and be strong. However, it is important to be aware that crying isn’t a sign of weakness, it is a natural response to certain emotions and situations.

Not passing this negativity on to our own children is incredibly important if we are to teach them how to understand and process their emotions. Teaching them that crying is shameful is detrimental to their emotional development and will cause them to associate sadness with shame. Creating an environment in…

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LovelyWe Community Blog Repost: How to Make Time for Meditation

Great tips on beginning a meditation practice – thanks for sharing!

meditationIf you are searching for a way to bring peace into your life whilst better equipping yourself to deal with stress and anxiety, then meditation could be exactly the tonic you’re searching for. When meditation is combined with mindful eating and regular exercise, you’ll rapidly see positive changes to both your physical health and your mental well-being.

Although many people understand the amazing benefits of meditation, many find it difficult to find the time to do so. However, once you find a way to incorporate meditation into your schedule, you’ll quickly regret not doing so sooner!

If you are keen to include meditation in your life but don’t know where to start then following my simple steps can guide you on your way.

First of all, it is essential to have a space that is dedicated to your meditation. This doesn’t have to be a large space and could simply…

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LovelyWe Community Blog Repost: Count Your Blessings

So very true!

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Just A Small Town Girl...

Why are we always complaining? Why do we constantly stress ourselves out? Every time I get together with my friends these days that’s all we ever seem to do: it’s like we get a kick out of comparing notes on how miserable we are! Moaning that we’re fed up with life, we need a twelve month holiday, we want to retire already! It’s so depressing, not to mention exhausting to talk about time after time, after time… :/

We’re just always putting unnecessary weight on our shoulders. Comparing our lives to that of EVERYBODY around us: keeping up with the Joneses. Convincing ourselves that we should be a lot more accomplished than we feel we are. So-and-so’s backpacking around Asia for two years, what’s-her-face just got engaged, what’s-his-name just got promoted to head of his company! We tell ourselves that we’re failures in comparison, that we could do so much better…

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