Moving Past the Constraints of “Perfectionism” into the Realm of Creative Possibility

After re-reading a lovely post I reblogged earlier, I was inspired to take a deeper look into my own journey of overcoming my fear of failure and creating this blog. Here’s what came to mind:

I’m so glad I came across that post today because it couldn’t have come at a better time. It has taken me a very long time to fully commit to creating this blog because I simply could not get past my “fear-of-failure” mentality (dictated by my ego) to embrace my “just-take-a-chance-and-trust-what-happens” mentality (inspired by my heart). I resisted so much so that I, the “perfectionist” that I am, couldn’t even stomach the thought of taking a chance and putting my words out there if I couldn’t guarantee myself a “perfect” outcome.

Fortunately, I can say that now – after lots of soul-searching, courage-mustering, fear-conquering, and very much appreciated support and gentle-coaxing from my friends and family – I am finally able to tippy-toe out of my well-guarded comfort zone enough to embrace this opportunity to write this blog. It is not to say that getting to this point was easy (it wasn’t!), or that it happened overnight (it didn’t!), but it was a journey that I ultimately needed to take to bring me to where I am at this very moment. Right here. Right now. Telling you my story. On my very own blog. (Gulp!)

Now that I’ve begun to accept the fact that the very notion of “perfection” is so subjective – and certainly not to be achieved instantaneously – I am able to better manage my expectations and be more kind to myself on my creative journey. I even feel a sense of peace about what’s to come. Yes, I will make mistakes. And, yes, that’s OK. I may not always find the right words or touch every single person who stumbles upon my page in a deeply profound way, but I will always try – and try again – to express myself in a genuine way that feeds my passions and entertains my lovely readers. I am making a commitment to myself (and to you, Lovelies!) to open up my heart and mind to this whole blogging experience once and for all, no matter what “imperfections” may await.


LovelyWe Community Blog Repost: Love Your Mistakes

Love it! So very true. Thanks for sharing.

Live to Write - Write to Live

It’s All Part of the Process

Wise Owl says, "There are no mistakes (only happy accidents)!" (Lovely altar to mistakes compliments of my sweet and creative friend Kristin Cutaia) Wise Owl says, “There are no mistakes (just happy accidents)!” (Image of a lovely “altar to mistakes” compliments of my sweet and creative neighbor, Kristin Cutaia)

Earlier this week, my friend Emma (fellow writer, mama, and – unlike me – a woman with a very chic style) shared an excerpt from an interview with Mike Patton of the band Faith No More. I am not cool enough to be an aficionado about Faith No More, but I loved the theme of the sound byte Emma shared: the value of making mistakes. Here’s a snippet:

But all the mistakes are little tiny little technical things, anyway, like, I shouldn’t have sung that that way, or, Oh, I was flat there. It’s not like, Oh, I shouldn’t have made this record. Because I feel like even if maybe I don’t like a particular record, it…

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